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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mojo risin'!

Had a chance to take the Big Stik up for her maiden flight this afternoon, and it was splendid!

Preparing to takeoff!

After working a bit more to tune the RCGF 10cc engine, she took off easily and climbed out. She was quite a bit nose heavy still, so clicked up the elevator to mid rates. Once she was up I trimmed in up elevator and she settled down. I expected that with fuel she would be nose heavy. No trim required for roll or yaw. She had plenty of zip with the twin 14x8 Master Airscrew Scimitar. I flew her around for several 8's and circuits, then brought her in for her first landing. I focused hard and made a perfect 3 point landing. Despite this after rollimg out she slowed down then the prop touched a clump and the engine stopped but she rolled out on all three.  She is still breaking in, runs a bit rough, but ran true. One of the things I like about the open engine is being able to tune it so easily.

On her tail wheel there is about an inch of ground clearance for the prop. This is with the 14" prop and 3" wheels. I ordered 4" Robart wheels and will try the 13x8x3 three blade Master Airscrew prop if necessary.

This was so important. I felt like flying her was as simple and straight forward as I needed her to be. I had planned to spend a couple of hours, but I was at Joppa Field and some guys showed up to practice lacrosse. I won't fly with people on the field so I cleared out.

Earlier I had spun up the HK500 FBL heli with a BeastX 3 axis stabilizer. There is something not right about the setup. I may need to change to digital servos... she wasn't stable and needed a lot of rudder trim. I really never took her out of hover. She needs some tuning up and sorting out.

All in all, my mojo is surely rising!

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