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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Eflite PT-17 Stearman #2

While waiting for Joe at RCGF-USA to fix my 10cc that will be installed in the now dormant Sukhoi SU-26, I decided to start work on my second Eflite PT-17 Stearman 15e.  A couple of years ago there was a rumor that Eflite was going to stop producing this plane, and being that it's one of my favorites, and that I was beating the crap out of the one I had, I bought it and have held NIB since.  That bird became a legend, and a search of my blog will bring up dozens of posts recording her history. Except for her end. For some reason I can't find a post about how I lost her one last time at Joppa Hill in the Whirlpool Corner. She appropriately chose her wing tip stall into a death spiral from 20 feet up, so well known to me. She was badly damaged, but more than that I was done with her and let her die... I salvaged her electronics for the day I would build her sister.

That day was today, almost a year later. I pulled out the box, and started a leisurely build. I am in no hurry, but this is a simple plane to build.

Same rudder and elevator servos.

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