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Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Plane of Missing Parts

Does twice make a trend?

As my Great Planes Twinstar project has unwound I found I was missing a motor mount, now graciously on its way from HeadsUp RC, and today I found that the Nose Wheel Block, the white nylon part that secures the nose gear to the airframe, is also missing. I keep all the bags and boxes, checked, not there. I went through the trash, not there. I crawled around on my knees and belly looking on the floor and under the work benches, not there. I called Great Planes/Tower Hobbies and a replacement is on its way.

UPDATE:  They never sent me the part, which is okay because I found the missing one. Cat stole it. No, seriously.

Between these minor annoyances and the problems I had with the RCGF 10cc engine, I wonder if I need to tune my RC mojo.

I finished the wings, but for the left motor for want of the mount.

And installed the rudder/steering servo, and the elevator servo.

And finally the tail.

I am stopping here for today. Next time installing the control rods for the empennage and steering, the latter once the nose wheel block arrives. Looks like another week before she will be flight ready.

In the meantime I await the RCGF 10cc.

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