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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Finding the groove!

It was a gorgeous day!

Headed out to Joppa with a heli, the HDX 500, and my 30cc MXS-R.

I have not had luck with my helis lately. They are all plagued with one mechanical issue or another. I continue to fight off butt wiggles. The HDX had a seizure issue I finally nailed doen to Van De Graff energy and fixed by lubing the tail boom and belt. But now it too has a tail wag...

So I took the 30cc up and worked on approaches and  landings. I am finding her way. I increased the landing flap config to 60% and now she floats like a butterfly.  The grass is clumpy and high, so on rollout before the tail wheel comes fully down her prop touches and the engine stops. Cracked the prop ever so slightly, but I don't need drama so I replaced it with a Zoar Black Sword. Sweet! Need to pick up a couple of these!

Pretty much finished the Eflite Stearman. I
decided to build it stock, 3S with a Power 15 electric motor. I had a bad gyro reciever from Hobby King. It wouldn't talk to the motor and then shorted out. I don't think it's worth trying to work with HK customer service to get it replaced, so I tossed it and put in a Spektrum AR600x. Setting up weight in the nose for CG, then maybe maiden tomorrow.

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