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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Great Planes Twinstar EP

I love a twin. If it had stayed in production, I really was looking forward to picking up the Eflite Twin Otter was my dream aircraft, but they discontinued it before I could get one (they were quite expensive).  I was very excited when Great Planes announced it was coming out with the Twinstar EP.

Given my doldrums with the RCGF 10cc engine, I made myself happier by pulling the trigger on the Twinstar, from Tower Hobbies for $139 delivered. I first went through my stock: I have nearly everything I need. I have a HURC Power Up 480, close to the Rimfire 30-35-1250, so I only had to buy one more. I have a HURC 40A ESC, but decided to buy two new Sky Power 40A ESC, and another Power Up 480 Plus motor to pair up with the one I have. I have 4 Hitec HS-82MG micro servos, NIB, perfect.  I also have a Spektrum AR600X receiver, and a couple of 3 blade Dynam 8x6 props (or I could use a couple of the Master Airscrew 3 blade 7x4 props, but I really don't like the short chords on Master Airscrew props). I decided to use a voltage regulator rather than the Linear BECs that come on the ESCs, not being a fan of them. The only thing left is to see if I can use the 4S 3300 mAh batteries I already have, or if I need to buy the 3S 3800 mAh batteries they recommend. All of my 3S are 2200 mAh and 2650 mAh. I will pick up a couple of APC 8x8 props since they are recommended. I'll have to wattmeter and time the different props when I am all set up.

I am pretty excited!

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