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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Survived first MXS-R Deadstick

A day off today with perfect flying weather, rare these past few weeks. Errands done, off to the field!

Warmed up with Ultimate, and cruised with the Cornell, then the main event. Kicked the tires and lit the fires and flew the MXS-R 30cc gasser. Tossed her around a little and on final in flight idle she quit. Deadsticked to a one bounce wings level landing. Sweet. Didn't have the nerve to fly her more than 3 times.

She tends to 4-cycle in low to mid throttle, runs sweet at the higher end. I decided this evening to pull the metering tubing that ran to the fuse out of the engine compartment so now the metering pressure will be what exists in the cowl. See if this makes a diff.

Tucked away...

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