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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sukhoi SU-26 Successful Maiden

The conditions were near perfect. I was feeling it. I took the Alpha 450 up to practice and refine my eyes and fingers, to check my focus.

I preflighted the Sukhoi, convinced she was about to take the place of my Pulse XT as my favorite and GOTO plane. I wasn't nervous, I was ready. So, I committed and pushed the throttle to the firewall.

She rolled, and lifted off smoothly with precision. I fell madly in love.

I had 5 6S packs but realized I had not velcroed the 3 new ones. I didn't want them sliding around on just the strap, so I only flew two packs. I put her through basic flight maneuvers, and the wings stayed on. She made her attitude changes with the grace, power and precision of a ballet dancer. Everything happened when, where and how I wanted it to. I practiced no flap stalls, saw her right wing dip in warning, clean response to power. Sweeter with flaps. The first landing was perfect. For that my heart was in my throat as I learned she had a point where she would tip stall, and I was determined not to on approach and landing. Landed fast, no flaps. Photo op!

I made a few changes to the D/R, but kept the Expos, and took out the differential. To calm my nerves I took the Alpha up for a 4th pack. I returned to the Sukhoi, quick preflight, new pack, check surfaces, pushed the throttle forward to get her rolling through the thick grass and she lifted off perfectly level. This time I took her through some basic aerobatics, and tested her handling with flaps. Made a couple of practice approaches and a couple of full stop landings. Final approach and landinf with full flap, flawless. Love had turned to lust. I am smitten.

So the Sukhoi is my new mistress. I am recharging the Breitling 30cc ignition and receiver packs and will go back out to the field. If its still mine, I may have yet another love...

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