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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

At least I can breath now...

Beautiful day in Bedford, NH. I took the Pulse XT and the MXS-R 30cc out to the Joppa Hill Sports Field, where the grass is waaaay too tall and thick.

I flew a couple of packs in the Pulse, and when she landed the second time I heard a metallic jingling when the prop stopped. I shook her and she jingled in the front. I had to superglue on of the motor magnets in place a couple of months ago and figure it had come loose, but she shouldn't run then.  Later when I got home I found that the prop screw and washer had somehow come loose. Curious: all the forces tighten it, not loosen it. Prop stayed in place because of the spinner...

I took the 30cc up next. She started easily, still a bit of a high idle. In warm up she stalled in idle. Restarted, let her warm up and took her up, great flight! She seems a bit slow... 19x8 at 7300rpm full throttle. She goes vertical without any lag. This time though she sputtered, and I brought her back down, 4-cycling a lot. Landed, revved her, idled. Everything seemed fine. Refueled and took off. No 4-cycling, no sputtering! Did some vertical, Cubans, loops, ran sweet. I think she just likes a bit more warm up. Flew two half tanks, about 20min total, and put her away. I wanted to take another run, but it went so well and my hands were shaking, the stress beating in me, so I packed her up. At least I could breathe this time!

I do worry about flying my 30cc here. There are only a couple of houses, none adjacent to the field, and a teaching farm up the road. I keep waiting for someone to complain... So I try to space the flights out, keep the around 10 min and high.

The replacement Sukhoi SU-26 arrived today. Jumping to get her started!

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