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Monday, August 31, 2015

Burbbly Day

Finally got some time to fly. Seemed nice enough, a little breezy, but calm. Got up to the field, bringing the Eflite PulseXT and the new Sukhoi. I put the Pulse up to test the winds aloft and they were all over the place. And for some reason she was nose heavy with a tendency to roll left. I had to trim her quite a bit, but the burbly winds tossed her around. Made a cooils of landings and couldnt see anything wrong...

The winds on the field started shifting from end, then the other, then cross, all within a few seconds. Made a final landing when I decided I'd had enough, and it took a couple of tries and a rough bounce that broke the prop. Had to take her around with a tip missing and finally got her down.

The Sukhoi never got out of the car...

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