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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

30cc Rocks!

While today saw the death spiral of yet another 70 sized electric (what the hell is up with me and this class of aircraft that I keep drilling holes in the ground with them?), I did have one helluva much needed success with the 30cc gas Breitling MXS-R.

I ran her on the ground for half a tank. She continues to run pretty damn well. She idles a bit high, around 2100-2200 RPM, but she doesn't produce much thrust at idle and the engine doesn't quit, certainly not rolling at all in the grass, and she lands fine. Max out at 7600 RPM with full vertical climb at speed.  Running bamboo wood 19-8.

After a bit of taxiing about and running full and idle throttle, I finally nailed my courage to the sticking place and took off. Perfect, level, controlled, outstanding climb out. I set her through the usual maiden routine, and she handled perfectly. I landed her twice without incident. She flew just fine. Just fine! Flew two half tanks. Would have kept going, but...

I am a little worried about noise. I fly from a public sports field, near an educational farm, and some houses are nearby. It doesn't make much, less than a lawnmower, but its bound to annoy someone at some point...I do love me the sound of a gasser though. I am thinking of replacing the crashed electric Suhkoi SU-26 (goddammit...) with a 10cc 70 sized Sukhoi SU-26.

Right after this photo I drilled the Sukhoi into the ground. In the sun, entered a spin, could not get out, in the end over controlled, bam. I knew I was losing orientation and was too close to the ground. Stupid, stupid mistake. It is the first time I threw things (hat, transmitter, but gently) and cursed a crash like an angry whore. I remain so very pissed. So much time, money and effort and I wasted it.

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