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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Woe be wood

I have never been a trusting soul when it comes to wood heli blades. I just couldn't imagine how a wood blade could stand up to the forces. I know that they work for a lot of people, and I know that I weakened the blades ability to cling to the rotor head by having to remove the lower plastic support to get them to fit. I also knew that I could have put the fiberglass blades from Frankenheli on the Erazor so I wouldn't have to worry about it. But what the hell, right?
So it was the last flight of the Erazor, which I am retiring anyway. I spun her up, and she promptly tossed a blade at me. Went whizzing past me, and she twisted herself to death. Over in an instant. Nobody died. Good thing I drove only a couple of minutes to get here... Butcher's bill: Blade, flybar, tail boom, tail control rod, and the elevator servo. Rather inglorious final flight...
Barely left the pad... Tossed the battery too.
Blade some 10 yards behind me. I saw it fly by at knee level.

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