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Monday, July 2, 2012

HK500cmt Build Day #2

Servo day yesterday, after a long day flying (a damn good day, see previour post). Installed the swash servos, Hitec HS-225mg analog servos on the HK500, and that was about it. Snug fit.
Incidentally, I also installed the Emax DS9257 tail servo on the HDX500 and set it up with the Align GP780 gyro. That was it!
In order to get the pitch and aileron servos to fit as they abut (see below) I had to use the rubber grommets, which I like to use anyway.
Pitch servo set up.
Aileron and pitch servos in place, snugly abutting but not jammed in.
Install complete. Time for a Jameson's...

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