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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Going FBL on the HK500!

I decided to mix a few things up. I am getting another Tarot ZYX 3-axis stabilization system, and a Tarot 500 FBL head from for the HK500cmt. I am thinking I will take the BeastX off the EXI 450 and put it on the HK500, and put the Tarot on the EXI. But, really, it may be easier just to put the Tarot on the 500.. it would save me half the work and the Tarot ZYX has been pretty good, other than not being sure about programming the tail limits which wasn't a problem in actual flight. This gives me the HDX500 as a a flybarred heli, and the HK500 as a FBL. Sweet!

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