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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heli Yeah!

Today I successfully flew my Erazor 450 and the Frankenheli Tarot ZYX in forward flight, doing circles, figure 8s, nose in hover, and did so several times! I also got myself out of a couple hairy orientation losses!
I took the FrankenHeli with the Tarot ZYX system up and she still had the vibration. I decided to take the blades off the Erazor, and put them on the Frankenheli and the wobble tried to emerge, then was gone never to return. The original blades were well balanced, so not sure what's up. I wonder if the CG of the blades don't match?
Dick Ober hovered Franky and told me to crank up the gain. I was flying at 23%. I cranked it up to 35, the 45, and now 55%, and wow, what a difference it made. I had forgotten about starting high and dialing it down. Made a huge difference! I need to take another look at the gain on all of my helis.
All in all, I definitely got my heli on, and it feels awesome
UPDATE: Well...the original blades were slightly off balance... rebalanced them and put
them on the Erazor.

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