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Sunday, July 1, 2012

EXI 450 Sport to replace the Erazor 450

While the Dynam Erazor 450 has flown well over these past 2 years and has been an integral part of my heli development, her frame is plastic and has several breaks repaired with epoxy and CA, the tail tube is bent ever so slightly and the insertion base for the tail no longer closes over the boom so I won't likely be able to replace it. The tail assembly is worn and battered and held in palce by a set screw that wasn't there in the original design, and I don't like that in the tube with the belt. She is not Align compatible, is getting old and worn, and I have been thinking about a replacement, but don't want to buy an Align. I am determined to stay with Align compatibles so that parts are never an issue, and their quality has been good. I have an EXI 450 Pro, and thought about another, but I didn't like the servo tray, nor do I like having to take the battery base plate out to do anything with the pitch and aileron servos. The Sport has a boom mounted servo holder and the servos for the swash are side mounted and easily accessible. So, today I pulled the trigger on an EXI 450 Sport from Xheli.
My plan is to remove the electronics from the Erazor and use them on the EXI 450 Sport as they are all compatible. The Assan GA250 mems gyro actually performed very nicely today, so I will keep it on this heli until I come across another GP780 or 750 gyro. Its very impressive for a surprisingly low price! I will keep her flybarred as I now have two FBL 450s, the BeastX equipped EXI 450 Pro, and the Frankenheli equipped with the Tarot ZYX FBL system, both of which fly quite nicely.
The Erazor not being Align compatible meant having a separate box of stock replacement parts and I have been loath to stock it. Now I can just keep Align 450 parts in stock and cover all 3!

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