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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oops... my bad.

I described earlier the issues I had with my Spektrum AR600X reciever, how I thought the reciever was the problem and sent it to Spektrum for evaluation. They kindly sent me a new one. I installed it in the Sbach today with a new ESC/BEC, and the problem remained. Oh... now I don't think its the receiver at all. I should have swapped out the receiver before when I thought it was the problem, before sending it off to Spektrum. My bad. But something is shorting the system out. I unplugged everything from the receiver and removed the ferrite ring extension from the ESC/BEC, plugging the ESC/BEC directly, eliminating the ferrite and its extension as the source of the issue. No problem! Stayed on. I replaced the ferrite ring extension, still good. I plugged in each channel one by one, everything was fine, even under input load. Then I plugged in the right aileron, and the failure returned immediately. I unplugged that lead, and finished the last ones, no problems. I put a new servo on the right aileron channel, no problem, worked fine. Put the old one back in, failure. Eureka... it was a bad servo all along. Sorry, Spekturm, this problem isn't yours! But I am still wondering about the bind loss that cost me two planes...

Here's what the bad servo looks like on the servo tester. It should light up in one mode and sit there until I do something, instead it has a disco seizure. Its providing really bad feedback. It is now living in the circular file under my workbench.


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