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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ultimate Cowl

The other day I tipped the Ultimate on landing and knocked the motor mount, cracking the cowl. Yesterday I sanded it, did the Bondo thing, and this morning sanded it down, primed it and painted it. Came out pretty nice

The prop and spinner off. Motor is loose, cracked cowl.


The firewall removed (over to the right being CA'd). One third broke off, the rest was loose.


CA'd a few popsicle stick pieces over cracked parts.


Repaired and installed the firewall.


Coated the entire motor box with epoxy thinned with alcohol for strength, then installed the motor.


Back to the cowl...


Bondo. Love the stuff.


Sanded the following morning. Masked for paint. Applied a coat of gray primer, forgetting I have white primer... did a coat of that. Sanded the remaining spots and touched up the white primer.


The white cowl is off white... so there will be a paint line...


On top I masked to the edge of the silver, so it looks clean. Tonight I will put a coat of clear coat on it, allow that to dry overnight and reinstall the cowl in the morning, ready to fly!

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