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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Travelling a lot lately, and whenever I can I'd like to stop by local RC clubs for a visit. I have never been to a club that was not welcoming and fun, even before they know I'm a pilot. Its a fun part of our hobby!

Today I stopped in Evansville, Indiana, and checked out ERCMAC. What a great visit! Its an awesome facility. You are greeted by a beautifully done sign announcing the airfield. A nicely graveled lot brings you to the clubhouse, and adjoining covered pits. The metal flight gates line conrcrete taxi ways that lead to a concrete RC runway, and an adjacent grass strip. The surrounding grounds are well cared for, with well maintained pits. There's plenty of electricity for us e-fliers. The field is off the highway (but you can't get here from there...), and abuts a ginormous farm field with plenty of flight area. A very nice field as is, and I'm told they are getting plumbing for a restroom soon! They were setting up for their Heli invasion, which starts tomorrow (alas, I will be returning to Biloxi, tomorrow...) and were busy with preparations.

Several members spent time with me and my friend Ken Hermann during our visit. We really appreciated it! Thanks, guys, for taking the time to share our wonderful hobby with my friend Ken, and hopefully biting him with the RC flight bug!


Klaus Kracke and his Gentle Lady power glider. So well built he took her to altitude, put down his transmitter and she flew herself rising on thermals, turning gently on their edges, climbing, crusing, all on her own for 15 minutes! A class guy, a pleasure to chat with. Klaus let me fly his glider, a three channel rudder/elevator/power setup which I always have trouble flying as my three channel is a jet without rudder, so I was all dumb thumbs. It was still a great time! Thanks Klaus!

Jeff Knight and his Hangar 9 Frenzy. Friendly and engaging, I enjoyed chatting with Jeff about RC flight. We discovered we have had similar bind loss issues with Spektrum that our Futuaba friends don't experience. The issues he described sound a lot like the ones we have seen at MCRCC. Makes me think that Spektrum has problems they are not talking about? Maybe I need to become a Futaba guy...

Mike Zaborowski, a skilled scale heli and RC speedboat driver for Team Futaba was visiting from Champaign, IL, with several of his helis for ERCMAC Heli Invasion. He shared some tips with us, and flew his Bell for us. Beautiful flying skills! Thanks for sharing, Mike!

Thanks to all the other folks at ERCMAC who stepped up to welcome us, especially Jamie Dumanksi, who showed us some beautiful heli's. Only sorry we didn't get a chance to see his 6yo son Mason fly. Yup, he's a 6yo 3D phenom with a half dozen pro sponors!

The folks at ECRMAC are wonderful ambassadors for our hobby with an awesome field and a friendly attitude! Thanks, guys, and have a great time with your fly-in!

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