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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Flew the recently repaired Sbach today.
Crashed the recently repaired Sbach today.
This plane is small, a 1 meter thin profile wing. Its designed for a 450 sized motor and a 3S 2200mAh battery. I am flying it with a Power 15 Sport from HeadsUpRC on a 4S setup. Where I screwed up is I have a 10x5 prop on it, what the HURC site recommended for 4S. She flew okay with this setup, a bit piggish today though. She flew better last time. Long roll out, little vertical, mush through turns, struggle in a cross wind, needs to land hot even with flaps. Too much wing loading, not enough prop. Jim Farned was watching, and he agreed (see, what happens is his fault, just so you know... ). We thought maybe putting a 3S 2200 mAh battery might be better, being significanlty lighter. Well, wouldn't you know, its not...
She took off, same long roll out, but climbed sluggishly. She flew sluggishly, wouldn't power through a loop from level flight. So when I did get her to loop, she came out of it slow, and stalled when climbing out, rolled and landed hard on her belly, ripping her gear off and significantly damaging the cowl and the airframe.
So... I am rebuilding her, again. Spoke to Kenny and Jason (visited Jason at his Hobby Shop, Orange Grove Hobbies). Realized that this prop is way small. The wing loading may be high, but she got nothing from the prop. Jason suggested an 11 inch, but didn't have any in stock. I am going to try a 12x6, which the Power 15 is rated for, and keep her heavier 4S setup for power. Just keep in mind she glides with a fast sink rate, even with flaps, and needs to come in hot.
Why I didn't prop up when I motored up I will never know.
For the rcord, I also flew the Ultimate today. She seemed sluggish to me too. There were good crosswinds, but she usually handles them well. I noticed her rudder servo started having centering seizures, so grounded her until I can replace that. Nice to get the rust off.

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