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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

VQM P-51 Rebuild Update

I've been making some solid headway on the rebuild of the VQM P-51 as an electric.

I removed the damaged cote repair and put invasion stripes on it, just on the right wing. They came out beautifully!

To increase the airflow, along with the aft vent, I opened up the smile under the spinner.

The installed fixed landing gear. I have servoless retracts that fit this plane, so I wanted to install them in place of the fixed gear.

Oddly, the mount space is not aligned with the strut space.

So I modified the mount space to allow the slight angle.

I then painted the insets.

Cleaned up nicely!

The retracts installed.

I made covers for the machinery ends.

Coted them and installed them using RTL Fastener servo screws.

Close up.

Sweet, deeply flush fit. This is a front on view with the gear retracted.

Gear extended.

I put a twin blade on, starting with a 14 x 8 and then a 17 x8, used a 5S and a 6S battery, and checked watts. I was stunned that the 14 drew only about 250W!  The 17 drew almost 700W. I expected more. It was impossible to find a 4 blade scale prop... I then went looking for a "replacement" for a similar sized foamie, and came across the FMS 1700mm P-51 on Motion RC. Initially they had the blade sets, but no spinners, but those came in! I ordered two sets of blades and one spinner.  I am excited to have a nice 17" four blade on this plane, making it really real like!  The 5065 motor shaft isn't tapped in the center to accept the spinner screw, so I had to locate and order one. Motion RC was NIS, but Horizon Hobby had them. They are on their way. Hope it fits my motor.

Still waiting for my Hobby King order...  I ordered the servos from Hobby King about 8 days ago, and yesterday they just left the warehouse. Hobby King's USA warehouses have been SOOOOO FUCKING SLOW getting stuff shipped that I struggle to order things from them. I have gotten stuff from their Hong Kong warehouse in the time it takes to get stuff from the US. I am really disappointed. HK Hong Kong is good, if not overly so, about sending emails updating you on the status of your order right up to your door. The US warehouses email acknowledgement of your order, but then nothing. I had contacted HK twice about the status of my order before it suddenly showed up as shipped.

All that is left is getting the servo's and installing them. I am hemming-and-hawing on using the BEC on the ESC or tapping in one. I ordered a 6V 5A one, and will likely tap it in and use it for power to the electronics. I am using the 3-Axis Receiver that will probably like having plenty of juice.

Speaking of juice... I found a great deal on 6S 4500 mAh batteries for about $42 a piece, and picked up 4 of them on eBay. Psych!

When the guy from Hobby King arrives on his bike from Oregon with my servos, I'll post another update.

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