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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Huh... that was curious.

So this happened the other day...

One moment we are flying our second tank of gas in a brisk wind, the next minute we weren't. The wind was to my back and I had idled the 30cc MXS-R so couldn't hear the engine at idle. I noticed that it had quit too late, when I realized I was looking at the prop. Too low, in a turn into the wind. Ran out of altitude because I was flying at Mt Hudson and had to flare as she disappeared from view as she was going down the uphill at the end of the runway. Recall this runway is on the top of a landfill dome, so slopes hard at both ends, especially the 36 runway with an approach from the south, a steep 45 or more degree drop off.

I found her in the deep grass having only ripped off her landing gear.

I'll get those fixed in the next week or two. It'll take a major rebuild of the undercarriage. Then I will try to figure out why she suddenly quit.

To windy to maiden the Spitfire again, but I had problems with her tuning again when I decided to run her. I also noticed fuel and air bubbles coming from the gasket between the cylinder and the carb, so will need to take that apart and re-tighten it.

Flew the 10CC Sukhoi fine. She didn't like the wind on landing, and her rudder tiller broke off making her tail wheel castor.  I only flew her about 3 times before I decided that was enough for the day.

Its disappointing. There is always a brisk wind at Mt Hudson, but down below it was 1-2 mph. And I wish the runway was a little longer without the drop off.

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