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Friday, June 24, 2016

MotionRC Delivers, Sweet Results!

I have recently started buying parts from MotionRC, and one of the things I appreciate most about a vendor is quick processing and shipping. These folks rock: part arrive 3-4 days after I order them.

I had ordered the 4-blade prop from the FMS 1700mm P-51, and it really was too big for the VQ Models P-51, coming in at 17'. I ordered the prop for the FMS 1400mm P-51, and its a very nice fit at 14". A quick test last night and she ran fine on 6S drawing about 55A and making about 1200W, but I didn't run her up completely to full throttle. This prop, like its bigger brother, has a hex shaped box on the bottom of the spinner to drive the spinner from a similarly shaped hex on the shaft of the motor. My smaller shaft (okay, I hear that...) doesn't have the hex, but it seems to work fine. It was challenging to get the prop nut secure without stripping the shaft trying to hold it while tightening it. It also took me about an hour to get the engine aligned with the cowl... for some reason it was just not staying where I put it, but once I found the sweet spot she spaced perfectly.

She is pretty much done and is ready to maiden! Does that not look awesome? I am glad MotionRC stocks these parts.

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