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Friday, June 24, 2016

VQ Models Maiden Flight Ready!

I installed the new prop on the VQM P-51B, and ran a quick test, she stayed together. Today I ran her a bit longer and did some static thrust testing.

She is about 8 lbs AUW, and using the 14" 4-blade prop with a 6S she is producing 1200W at 52A with 12 lbs of static thrust at full throttle.

This is a nice plane, but there are a couple of things that bug me. One is that the coat is rubbery, and low temp, so in the warm air it sags. I suspect this will really suck out in the sun. The second is that to change the battery the wings have to come off. 

Those two holes are where the wing bolts go. The tend to miss the hole inside and flop about the pseudo-air ram. It takes a lot of time to fish them out and try again, a process that takes several tries.

The battery compartment. Fits the 6S 4500 mAh battery fine.

I stuck rubber washers on the ends of the screws so all I need is a screwdriver and they should otherwise stay put between changes. All she needs now is for me to try and fly her.

We flew rockets today, and I caught some video from my Alpha Sport 450 and a keychain camera. An hour of that and I am pretty much done for the day.

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