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Friday, January 8, 2016

Keychain Camera Love-Hate

I love and hate these keychain cameras. They are cheap and lightweight, and the video is so-so. My one gripe is that they are designed to be clandestine, so you can't tell if it's on or off, or if its recording. You get a steady light if its on and in standby, then hitting the other button should make the light blink and turn off noting its recording. But one never knows if it actually is.

I attached mine level on the underside of the Cub wing. First flight didn't record, and I didn't bring my computer to check so had to drive home to check it. Drove back out with my computer, flew and checked, got video but it was almost all sky. Need to angle the camera down.Back to the house, made a wedge and back out for another flight. Forgot the computer. So, didn't know the video didn't record, despite all of the appropriate lights, until I got home.  Ran tests and sometimes it records, sometime it doesn't. Of course all three flights were perfect.

All I want is a light that it's recording...

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