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Thursday, January 7, 2016


While yes, I lost the Twinstar to a lack of focus today, I had a blast before that with the Eflite Cubby.

Getting better remembering to keep the plane closer for the vids. The lens still makes it look much further away than it is.

I made some changes, having over engineered the springs on the skis. I realized how light the springs that came with the Dubro skis were, the ones that didn't fit. I thought about just using an electric tie, and it worked out great. One did freeze and snap in flight, but was easily replaced.

The tie is long giving it nice spring.

I wrapped the tie around the axle used a little superglue to help keep it in place.

One of the other issues I noticed this morning was that the prop was all askew. Turns out the last landing the other day must have jarred it loose. I epoxied it back this am, and she flew perfectly.

One of the other issues was the rear ski came off. I notice it rounded a bit too, not sure how. I re-secured it, stronger. On the ice it isn't making any difference, but it will help taxiing control in snow.

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