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Monday, January 11, 2016

FAA UAS Registration

I am now officially registered as a sUAS pilot with the FAA. The FAA recently set out regulations that required pilots of drones to register with the FAA as do pilots of full scale aircraft. I really could not care less about the issue, it took me seconds to register. I would like not to have to put another registration number on my aircraft (as an AMA pilot my AMA number has to appear on all my aircraft). As of now the FAA has agreed to the AMA's request that AMA  members only need to display their AMA numbers, but I still have to register with the FAA and have my registration on me in some form when I fly (ie a pic on my phone is fine). Curiously there is no means in the registration process to link my FAA reg number with my AMA number... I sent an email and await a timely response from the FAA and the AMA. I got in under the "reimbursement" period where my $5 fee will be reimbursed, and in the future I will not have to pay the FAA as long as I am an active AMA pilot.

Oh, and of course the website crashed and I may have paid a dozen times as it told me to keep trying.

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