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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ice, Ice, Baby!

I put skis on the Eflite Cub, and today I took her out to try them out! The winds were calm, but with gusts to about 10 mph. There are a couple of inches of snow under a crust of ice, after the freeze-thaws since the light snow fell on Christmas. In the video you can see the Cubbie being blown about, and aloft it was even more so. To have any control I had to fly her on max rates and be patient for changes to come on after control inputs. At times she carried off and then moments later would respond. I only flew one battery, but it was fun!  Between the wind and not wanting the heavier gassers to break through and get clotheslined underfoot by the ice crust, I didn't plan on bringing them out. I did bring the Twinstar, but opted to ground her due to weather.

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