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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sukhoi SU-26 10cc Gasser

I've been busy.

I crashed the electric Honda SU-26, (pic here) after only a handful of flights. I got another SU-26 Sukhoi 70 size. I don't know why, I like the Honda design, but for some reason I got the Aeroshell one. I really wanted this one to be a gasser, and I wanted a smaller gas. Pricing was right to go  RCFG 10cc.  I chose this motor over the Evolution 10cc as it was a ringed piston (break in is easy) and it uses the same fuel mix my DLE-30 uses, 30:1. The Evo would have required an extensive break in and a 40:1 mix.

I started building her last week, and would be near done but for an odd delay getting the reciever and ignition packs, and the in-line tachometer. It's been a week and they haven't even shipped. Hobby King says they are checking in to it, but its still not shipped. Can't touch the price they offer on these packs and the tach... Oddly, my Quikfire gas filter also was missed in shipping, and that's late too.

Here are pics of where she stands today.

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