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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hobby King Disappointment

Love Hobby King, their quality products and awesome prices. But like McDonalds, even when service fails, I will still keep coming back because there is no competition.

Spent 20 min with Customer Service Chat online and left no better than when I called. About 9 days ago I ordered 2 receiver packs, a mini-tach, and some plastic hinges, all in stock, from the USA West Warehouse.  I received the order confirmation, but never received a notice of shipping, so I contacted them through a CS request on their website. They have no idea why it hasn't left the warehouse, but told me 2 days ago they were looking into it. I heard nothing, so today I contacted CS on chat. She essentially told me the same thing, so really, nothing has happened in these past 2 days. She told me to wait two more days. I asked if HK would send them by Express Mail to compensate me for the delay, and she said that they can't change the shipping method. It seems like no one is pushing this through, they are just waiting for someone else to do something. What am I going to do about it? On one hand of the thousands of dollars and dozens of orders over the past 7 or so years, this really is the first time I have had a problem getting my parts, so really, that's pretty damn good. Its just not getting the sense that anyone is calling to get anyone physically on this that bugs me.

2 more days, then 5-7 says in transit if this gets solved. The Sukhoi awaits.

UPDATE 10/19/15: On line chat with HK since I had some time to kill. After being told again they were looking into it and to check back in 2 more days I lamented why couldn't someone in CS just call the warehouse, or let me call. She noted thats not how they communicate with the warehouses, they do it my email and chat. After a few minutes she came back and had gotten it shipped and a tracking number. It's on its way.

Why couldn't they do that the first time? Well  either way, she did a good job helping me!

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