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Thursday, May 15, 2014

That'll do...

It was a great day with some positive excitement for a change!

Kenny got up early and had Jason maiden his newly built 35cc gas MX2, then took it 

Kenny and his MX2

Kenny and Aidan

Ray was cutting the field, took a break to let us fly. MCRCC is easily the best field I have ever flown at.

Spun up the Trex 600 to check balance and tracking. Wanted to hover but Ray got back to business.

The truly exciting part of the day was the 3-4 flights Aidan and I put on his Alpha 450. At one point he was coming across the field towards us when he went inverted in a gust at about 15 feet. I took control, recognized I was not going to be able to roll upright without hitting the ground (its a trainer with a dihedral, not an aerobat). I got it under control flying at a 45 degree angle inverted towards us... gained altitude as it climbed over the pits heading for the trees, turned left and found enough altitude to roll back upright, flew back over the field at altitude and gave him back the plane. I was pretty impressed that I actually let go of the trainer button to gain control when the gust caught it, my whole body clenched up. I rocked it, totally!

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