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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Skyline/Goldwing Sbach 70 60" #2 Flight Ready

This morning I finished the setup on the second Skyline/Goldwing Sbach 70 60". You may recall the first one committed seppuku on only its 4th or 5th flight. I didn't blog this build as it went very much like the first one with a couple minor changes. One is that I made the rudder wires tighter.  I also used Du-Bro nylon hinge-and-pin hinges on the control surfaces with epoxy (the wide ones) instead of the flat fiber ones with CA.

She has the same power system and electronics. I have a 17x8 prop on her (turns out I had a 17x7 on before). I have ordered a 3 blade 16x8 EMP prop and a Du-Bro plastic 3 blade spinner. These don't come in 2-1/4', so had to get a 2". On a quick power test this morning I got a peak of around 1540 watts. Curious how the 3 blade will perform.

Common to both is that the wrong decals are included in the kit. Instead of the stickers for the red-white-black one, they come with the set common to the other colors. The white letters obviously don't show up on the white wings. General Hobby says they are sending the right ones, but last time even giving me a tracking number didn't get them in the mail so I am not holding my breath. The only one missing, really, is the large Sbach 342 that should be on the top left wing.

All in all, she setup. CG'd and looks identical to the first one. Looking forward to the maiden flight!

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