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Monday, May 26, 2014

A nice simple day

Memorial Day 2014

Met up with Kenny at MCRCC, and the crowd thickened as the day went on. Jason was there helping tune up engines, and got both of Kenny's running. Finally his 1/4 scale Cub running well, he enjoyed flying it in the moderate winds. It ran smooth as silk. Still working on his Sbach engine when I left.

Kenny's Cub

Dickie Ober brought a couple of tri-copters. He said they flew like hybrid airplane-helicopters, and then he proved it! This one was a hoot as he flipped it, rolled and looped it! He made it look easy. Then, despite the winds he took up an Align 130 micro  CCPM helicopter and put it through a 3D routine. Man got skilz!

I flew Aidan's Alpha 450 checking out the new nose "oleo" linked gear I had put on it, then flew the Pulse. Lots of wind made for some fun. I had also brought the Sbach to maiden, but being that I am not 100% getting over a cold, and the unpredictable gusts, I opted to keep it in the car. I also managed to hover the EXI 450 Sport. It still has a particularly violent shake at a certain RPM during spin up, and somehow the main shaft is slightly off center, somehow bent.  I think I will just leave it be and use the parts in the new frame I have coming.

All in all, a nice, simple day.

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