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Saturday, May 10, 2014

EXI45 Sport Flight Ready. Again.

This morning I finished the last couple of steps to rebuild the EXI 450 Sport that underwent a pretzel event last week.  I ran her up without blades, no vibration, put the balanced tail feathers and ran her up, no vibration, balanced and installed the main blades, checked the pitch and ran her up, no major vibration. Next step will be to lift her off and see were the tail goes. I reviewed the Alighn 780 gyro setup and reset the endpoints, gain at 65% to start.

I made a few programming changes that I think will have a significant impact. I removed my looney "soft" mode of 80% pitch limits in Idle2 (WTF...) as I realized that this changed the slope of the pitch curve relative to the full 100% pitch range curve in Idle3. This was why I got a little skip switching between idle-ups. Stupid. I kept the novel Idle1 of zero pitch across the board. Now there is no difference between Idle 2 and 3.

I also decided to go back to DR of 50-75-100, and 25% expo across the board. I need the finer expo for control. We'll see how that goes.

Next step, test crashing, I mean, um, test flying.

UPDATE: Spun it up and there is some wacky vibration, fine occasional coarse, low amplitude high velocity, coming from the tail assembly when the blade hub is put on (with or without  blades). Happens at certain rpm and pitch. I changed the bearings, blades, tightened up, still there. Its pretty impressive and loosened all the bolts despite liberal locktite. I can't fix it. There is a hint of play in the bearing hub and the tail shaft hence has a touch of play. I decided to just order a Tarot tail assembly...

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