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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tune Up Day for the Stik's RCGF 10cc

Last time I flew the Stik she had some challenges getting and staying tuned. The QuikFire Filter is nice, but I am not sure they offer an advantage. I like the filter system on it much better than a screen, but honestly I don't know its any better than a simple screen filter. Certainly its costlier. I don't know that I will include them in my next build. This one leaked, so I replaced it with a simple 3-way screen filter. The engine runs so much better.

I simplified the fuel system.  Kept the QuikFire clamp and used it to hold the 
screen 3-way filter in place. This cleaner approach to the engine from the fuel tank
made for a much smoother running engine, in particular with shifting
fuel demands in aggressive throttle management.

The RCGF 10cc engine continues to be a bit of an enigma. I still love them, and don't think there is a better, more affordable 10cc engine. But I have to admit I have no idea which way to turn the low needle... Conventionally you tune the high end for max RPM, and that needle is easy. Then you tune the low end for smooth fast full throttle. One would think that if it bogs down, you richen it, turn it out. The idea being that it needs more flow. You find the leanest point that gives you a smooth, non-bogging transition. Tuning the low needle is a constant challenge on this engine. The other traditional bit is that once you get a gas engine tuned, that's pretty much it for the season. One of the reasons I like my Stik is the open engine bay: no cowl to take on and off, because it seems I am constantly having to re-tune the low needle.  I haven't flow the 26cc much, as I finished the Waco last fall just as the winter closed the flying season, but in the short time it seemed much more stable. The fact is, though, that I am breaking in a new cylinder on the Stik's 10cc, so it is expected to be a bit wonky.

Running the 10cc idle to full, half to full, back to idle, after the tuning. Max RPM and smoothest I could get the transitions. Too lean on the low needle and she would quit sometimes in idle, especially dropping from full throttle. Kept having to shift the low endpoint on the transmitter to find a good balance that gave me a reasonably low idle without stalling the motor on full throttle and on idle back. She seems to be running pretty smooth. I will be in Londonderry tomorrow for an appointment, so will pack up a couple planes to fly off the mountain top in Hudson at SNHRCC. We'll see how she does.

Looks like the gang at Misfits in Auburn have accepted my membership! The field is closed due to mud on the road in and the parking area. Once it dries I will be doing more flying out there. But for the need to have a buddy, the geotex is awesome, and the open space makes for better flying. I love the gang and the geotex out at Flying Eagles in Merrimack, but just hate flying in and out of "The Hole" of the trees that surround the field.

I am charging the packs on the Stik and the Sukhoi 10cc's, and some 3S 2200's for the HobbyKing foam Sbach to fly tomorrow. The winds at The Mountain are always a bit more brisk than the prevailing winds, so it may be a bust when I get there, but we'll see.

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