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Monday, April 17, 2017

Ignition or Hall Sensor?

Thanks to the gang at RCGF-USA, the new ignition arrived today, wicked fast shipping.  I installed it today, and at first, nada. Dammit. I tried a different Hall sensor and it flashed, curiously without the spark in (forgot to put it back in!). Didn't want the new ignition to short, and replaced the spark and it still worked. Realized there apparently are two different sides to the Hall sensor... tried the original one curved side down and it sparked. Hmm... I am not even sure the original CDI is bad, so I am keeping it. Anywho, the engine started up and ran fine. I retarded the sensor a bit and she runs even smoother. I haven't played much with the timing, so this was nice. Throttle advanced smoother too. Sweet. Ran her a bit, but too windy to fly. I did have to remove the 4 blade prop. It just didn't have the ruggedness required for the gas engine and was splipping on the prop shaft. She flies great with the Master Airscrew Scimitar.

I am loathe to return to flying at Joppa Hill with the clumpiness of the grass and how hard it is on my planes. I have lost so many landing gear there, and will never fly the Waco with her wheel pants there again. Pretty soon the road to Misfits in Auburn will dry out and I will fly pretty much exclusively there and on occasion at Hudson.

Looking for some flight time on Thursday!

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