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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Finally got some flying in....

Finally. A beautiful day off with sun, little windy. The stablizing system came in handy.

Joppa Hill Fields in Bedford suck. The grass is so clumpy that my Stik with 4 inch wheels bounced madly and frequently got stuck, stopping the engine with prop strikes. Takeoff took almost 50 yards! The gound is mushy, saturated to boot.

I spent an hour trying to get the engine running again, now that its warm out... The low needle setting just would not find a sweet spot. The needles are out over 3 turns, anything less and she would not run. Ffinally found a good high, and an acceptable low. She didn't stall at idle or full throttle. She is running a lot rich, I suspect due to the new cylinder breaking in. If I lean it out I lose a lot of rpm. Tuning it I ran two tanks, almost 25-30 minutes of run on a tank! She has little vertical, but flies aerobatically fine and sharp. Put her through some paces and she stayed on line, held her speed, and turned crisply. She is predictable and fun to fly.

I need to remove the QuikFire fuel filter. Its leaking. Maybe I can fix it. The plane is flying a bit tail heavy, so I can't loose weight, but the fulter is sooo light so probably won't matter.

My fingers and head were in the game, no problems not having flown much of late. She idles high so comes in hot, but easily manageable.

It was a good day! Felt great to fly. But the field SUCKED!

I just bought a house out in Chester, so will be joining the group that flies off geotex, the NH Flying Misfits in Auburn, off Lake Massabesic. That wil end this nightmare filed condition issue.  Its a nice open field. Can't fly solo there as its next to a full scale grass runway, but that's easily managed. Looking forward to it!

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