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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hobbico: Another Awesome Customer Oriented Company!

About 2 years ago I bought an Onyx Dual Charger from Tower Hobbies or an affiliated seller. I don't have the receipt and I have no idea where I got it... A few months later the right screen failed and I didn't need a single charger (that's where I made the dual charger with two inexpensive single chargers).  I was on FB the other day and a suggested FB site for Hobbico popped up, and I  LIKED it. As I perused it I saw a post about this very nice charger, and I mentioned how mine went brick. Hobbico responded suggesting I contact them. A couple of weeks later I sent it in with a note that I had no receipt nor recall from whom I bought it. A week later it was in the mail, they turned it around in a day, repaired! I know its mine as I changed the output leads to bananas to allow a wider range of charge leads. 

I love this about Hobbico, Tower Hobbies and Horizon Hobbies! No one provides better customer service. 

Thanks, Hobbico! I can now charge two planes at once with my two dual chargers! They have earned a place in my favorite vendors (see the links to the right!).

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