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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Great Planes Big Stik 40 Build Day 1

The other day the UPS man left me a box from Tower Hobbies! What a nice man.

I had today off so broke open the box and got to work.

Das Box.

I wanted something different so I removed the Iron Cross from the right side and used a WWII Era US aircraft insignia.

I busied up the underside of the wing. I need more white. I plan to use some white on the bottom of the fuse as well. I want strong contrast top from bottom.

I decided to go with the taildragger modification.  I custom cut a piece of plywood and epoxied it inside to the bottom of the fuse. I wanted it to get support from the entire compartment.

I custom fit some triangle bracing and added support to the bulkhead forward, and a solid hardwood across the middle. The forward tray is where the landing gear blind nuts will be installed. This puts the landing gear just forward of the CG. You can see the stock blind nuts behind the middle bulkhead, under the servo tray.  The instructions a call for some sanding down of the bulkhead to fit the small stock fuel tank. I am not sure, I think it's about 200cc. I am putting a 260cc tank in. The stock calls for the front of the tank to exit the center hole in the firewall. This will crowd the air intake on the carb... My tank will be set up a bit aft of the hole and I will need to secure it from creeping forward. I am still not sure where I will put the ignition. I really don't want it outside the fuse.

I also installed the motor mounts but forgot to get photos. It was tricky getting the mounting nuts on the bolts... that forward compartment is long.

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