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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Time to Club Again

I've gotten tired of being at the whim of the quality of the field grass at the Joppa Hill Fields and having landing gear ripped off, and not being able to fly aircraft with smaller wheels. I am tired of repairing those landing gear, which I have spent the afternoon doing.

I have been a member of the Southern NH Flying Eagles for two years, and have flown there once. I didn't really like the feeling of flying in a hole. Most of the flying is done over a forest across from the runway, so the plane is high and distant. And when I was there I didn't get a warm vibe. They weren't rude or distant, it just didn't gel for me. But I only went once...

I Iike to fly, chat, and learn, and I think that is best done in a club environment. I just hope they are a fun bunch.

Wheels on, repairs done. She being my best will be the one I take to the club field.

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