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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles RC Club

I made it out to Southern NH Flying Eagles R/C Club in Merrimack, NH today. There was a nice crowd, a lot of club officers were there, and I felt welcomed and far more comfortable than before. It helped, I am sure, that the trees are still bare, so the field felt more open than when the foliage is in full bloom.

I flew my stalwart Alpha 450 through 4 packs, and got comfortable with the tree lines, and lining up with the the Geotec runway. Approaches from the north are easy, but from the south, well, that's gonna take some practce. The trees are right there. A nice steady headwind from the north allowing a very slow approach with a nice floating steep descent nose high would be ideal for getting in there.

The winds aloft were brisk, but there was a moment when it settled down, and I took the recently repaired Pulse XT25e up for a spin, and practiced approaches. She did well here.

I think flying my 10 cc planes here will be fine, but my 30 cc would be tight unless I really pushed her down.

They tell me Tuesdays are the popular days, with beers at The Common Man afterwards. I was the last to leave, and I was glad to be able to close and lock the gate behind me. I think I found my new RC home.

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