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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Well, yeah, it ended differently in my head.

Beautiful day, no wind. Took the MX2 (which while beautiful, I confess now was not my favorite plane). And the new Eflite Cub out to the Joppa Hill Field.

A well meaning Lacorsse coach pulled up and got all controlly about my being on the field, but he came to realize he was being a bit dickish when I pointed out he wasn't going to be coaching for several hours and I am sure those big burly boys can move a few lacrosse goals without me. He made nice.

I took off and flew a few laps getting a feel for her, and put her through some pretty nice aerobatics, a few low passes. Now let me preface this by saying I have always thought I have depth perception issues and that 3D stuff only works for me for a few minutes, and that the other day I couldn't see the 3D stuff on a depth perception test at work... I came around to land, and crossed over the tree line, dipped for final and ran into the tops of the tree line. one branch reaching up was all it took. Crack, she spun, off came the right wing, which trickled down through the tree (Yay, proof trickle down works, Yay!), the fuse crashing unceremoniously onto the ground below.



Yay, new project, yay. Landing gear and prop, wings, but the fuse is good. Now I want to see if the Sbach wings will fit?

I flew the Cubby on her memorial flight. a touch nose heavy, with that extra weight, I can remove some, but she flew exactly as advertised. Perfect in the air, sweet landing. One pack, and I was pretty much done with flying for the day...

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