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Friday, August 29, 2014

The New Bat Cave Flying Lab

I guess I can call the new rc flight lab, my Bat Cave, done!


The hallway in the basement, leading into the Batcave. The C-47 graces the wall, but I don't have an outlet to put the under lighting.


As you enter, the TV bay.


And to the right, my desk and The Lab.


Battery charging station. The gas can will be in the garage, but right now it's empty since my 30cc was attached to my crashed Sbach....

I usually leave the lights down, but they turn up nicely. Same spot lighting over the benches, planes on all the walls, some on the floor, the Sopwith and A-10 are still deconstructed. It's naturally cool, and the dehumidifier works wonders, straight easy access to the garage. Best cave ever! I wanted one of the couches, but Maria knew that she wouldn't ever see me expect to eat and pee...

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