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Friday, August 29, 2014

Flying Joppa Hill

A beautiful day for flying! Headed out to the Joppa Hill fields at around 11:30 this morning to find Joe and Chip flying. They had come out around 8:30!


Joe flying his Wildcat. I need to get pics of his scratch built foam planes, especially this Wildcat and his C-130. These are really talent filled builds! Can't believe I failed to get a pic.

My Eflite Ultimate and my Pulse in the foreground. I flew the Ultimate for the first time in over two years, and she flew amazingly well making me look good! Always a fun one this one. She is so light and well powered she can do almost anything. I had put some weights in her tail, which I need to remove, back when I was trying to get her to hover (she never will), but she still flew well. I put several packs through her and the Pulse in the near perfect conditions.


The highlight was getting to watch Joe fly his FPV drone! What kinda skills does this take, eh? From the science to the application to the flying.


Chip and Joe working on Joe's FPV.


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