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Friday, July 25, 2014

SNHRCC and Southern NH Flying Eagles

I had an excellent visit with John Hayes and Clarence White, Prez and V-prez of SNHRCC, and got to tour their field. I had brought out the Pulse, but yeah, its always something: the left aileron servo had a seizure and failed, so I didn't get to fly. Bummer as the filed is about 24 miles away and took me 40 min to get to.

What an interesting field! Its literally on top of a landfill dome with a moat of sorts all the way around. It would be a lot of fun. The flyers there were all really wonderfully friendly, and quite skilled. It was really interesting to see a SAB Goblin 550 and 700 fly in expert hands. What an incredible machine, incredibly silent. In my short hour there I was amazed by the talent. Most cool was a solar powered electric power station being upgraded this weekend from 12V to 24V.

In my conversation with John he mentioned that there is a club in Merrimack, the Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles. Somehow I missed them on the AMA website. Turns out they are about 20 min from my house, and have a Geotex runway. It doesn't seem to have electric power, so I may have to learn how to run a power inverter off the Lexus Hybrid...

I decided to join the Flying Eagles, since the drive has always been an issue (26 miles, 35 min to MCRCC, 40 min to the field in Hudson, NH).  I hate to do that as I really liked everyone I met at SNHRCC. I thought about dual citizenship, but really it all boils down to how easy it is to get from the couch to the field.

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