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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Return of the HK500

Back at the end of September 2012 I described how I dumb thumbed my HK500 into a hard crash with a devastating boom strike. Of late, with my overly busy schedule, I just haven't had time to put her back together in one fell swoop like I used to do. So its taken a bit of time because I did it one small step at a time, but I finally have her back together. The frame was fine, as was the rotor head, but I had to replace the tail boom, tail blades, the boom supports, the servo control arms (the servos had no damage but a couple fo the amrs snapped off) and the canopy (the original green one was cracked, easily repaired but everytime something stressed it the paint cracked and chipped, so I opted to just replace it).
I have given her a Trex 500 canopy. She is still ginormous and beautiful! Once I tune up her CCPM again, she will be ready to fly. I can't wait to get her up on a test flight!

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