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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nav Lights on a my EXI 450

Bored last night, dragged out the damaged Tiny Bright Lights nave set I once had on a Walkera CB 180D. The red strobe wire was damaged a ways back, so its missing. These are among the brighest lights out there, but the company doesn't seem to be around anymore. Heard the guy got sick... Shame, they were affordable, tiny and bright, even if the wires were fragile. Decided to solder a Spektrum plug on them and plug them into the battery spot on the receiver.
The green does seem brighter than the red.

Starboard, caught the white stroe on above the horizontal stab.
Two white lights, one under the carrige, the other on top of the Tarot FBL.
Rear view catches the two white lights. Purists recognize yes, you can see the port and starboard lights from behind. Maybe someday I'll care.
Crappy video, but you get the point. Made in iMovie which I hate...

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