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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Melting Enamel... And Stearman Burn Out

Yesterday landing the Sbach, she illustrated her tendency to roll when at stall and a brisk gust catches her a foot off the ground, tipping over her nose. Have to land her hot... This chipped and cracked her cowl, and as before, broke loose the motor box. Very fragile. It separated clean, so it was easy to CA it back in place, then epoxy in some more support. Today I epoxied the chips and cracks in the cowl and painted her back to fine form. She dried for about 6 hours. I then applied a thin coat of clear enamel. And the red paint melted... crap,

I will let her dry overnight, then resand the melted parts and try again. I am learning I prefer lacquer to enamels. Enamels take way too long to dry, and do this kinda crap.

STEARMAN: I also had an inflight emergency with the Stearman yesterday. At about 200 ft her motor stopped while at full throttle. I landed her and she wouldn't do more than chatter. Wasn't sure if it was the ESC or the motor. The motor seemed sticky... I put a new motor on the existing ESC and worked fine. It appears I burned out the motor. I think when I went to 4S I should have propped down. I will pick up an 11x5 and see how that works out!

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