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Friday, April 13, 2012

Gettin' it done.

I redid the Sbach cowl after its meltdown. I really wasn't interested in spending hours sanding it all down, so just concentrated on the melted spots. It came out pretty darn good!


I didn't mention the flight of the haunted Super Cub... I maidened her the day before yesterday, and she took off okay, needed a lot of trimming out, but once I got her settled in she flew pretty darn good and was becoming fun. Until on approach she tip stalled... Broke the firewall, and that was it. Rebuilt it a bit better, and in an hour she was back up to flight ready. I also put some 2-1/2 inch wheels on her. I have programmed a little flaperon into her which should calm that nasty tip stall. This was the same experience Kenny had when he could get her to fly: any airflow loss and she tip stalls irrecoverably to death... I also went from a 10x7 prop to an 8x8, which seems to increase her thrust.



I decided with the Eflite Stearman to go back to 3S as she was designed to fly, and stick with the 12x6 prop. She flies just fine that way, I went to 4S for the power and it really didn't change her performance much. I think all it did was make her heavier.

Tomorrow is going to be way too windy, and I have some work to do anyway, but perhaps Sunday or Monday? I really, really want to get the Sbach back in the air! Stay tuned!


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