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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BlitzRCWorks A-10 Warthog

Its not like I needed a new plane, but I go this one during the Black Sunday Sale at Bananahobby for less than half the price, in fact, almost a third. Its the BlitzRCWorks A-10 Warthog. I had wanted the camo one, but it was NIS, so I got the Black Lightening one. She is very nice! In set up one of the landing gear retract servos burned out, but the rest of her is working just fine! I didn't blog the build, it was very simple: bolt on the wings, stab, etc. The multiple wires took a bit of time, but that was easy too. Some areas of paint came up with low tack tape so had to be repainted. I set her up with flaperons, and slowed the retracts down to 3 seconds.  Her wheels are large enough she should have no trouble with the grass runway at BMF! Looking forward to flying her soon!

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