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Thursday, December 10, 2015

RCGF 10cc Run-Ups

Ohhhh, I do LOVE this engine!

I put the cowl on today having changed the prop to a 14x8 (Joe Nelson of RCGF-USA recommended a 14x 6 or 7, but when I stopped by RC Buyer's Warehouse in nearby Nashua, NH, they were NIS, so I went with the in stock 14x8 Xoar. I didn't think to pick up a bigger spinner while I was there, and ended up ordering one from them, a 3", and got it a day and a half later, today!

Listen to this engine purr... with the cowl on she is almost quiet!  She does spit oil with the 30:1 mix, just a bit of oil clean up on the left underside wing and landing gear. I really didn't need to change the needle valve settings going from the 13x8 to the 14er.

I show her running my three standard run-ups. Running time at 50% on the Spektrum gimble, where she ran in the 6000's rpm, after about 20 minutes on a 240cc tank she slowed to a stop. I like to fly for 10 min, so this is a nice bingo. With the bigger prop she idled around 2300 rpm, any lower and she would quit. She produces very little if any thrust at this rpm. At full she gets up to 7100-7200 rpm and produces a very, very nice thrust. The second test is Idle to Full throttle. She comes up nicely to full and drops back to idle smoothly, taking a few seconds to drop the last few hundred rpms. The last test is Idle to 50%. She responds from idle to 4000's but then slowly climbs up to the 6000's. This lag isn't seen in going from Idle to full throttle, which is more important to me.

I am excited to be putting the RCGF 10cc engine in the Spitfire build this winter!

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